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Choosing The Right School

Trying to decide which Martial Arts School is right for you or your child?

Choosing the right Martial Arts’ school is important for your experience to be all that you expected and wanted. This means doing some research to make the best informed decision possible. Let us help you with this.

Tiger Martial Arts has had the privilege and continues to have the pleasure of teaching martial arts lessons to thousands of students. Our modest beginnings started in 1997 with a very small school & quickly grew to become one of the largest and most sought after martial arts schools in British Columbia.

What makes us the best isn’t that we are the biggest, but rather what makes us the biggest is that families think we are the best! To see and hear just what our students and families are saying, click here.

At Tiger Martial Arts we are constantly improving our facilities, our programs, and our instruction. All Instructors are professionally trained and certified through the Canadian Martial Arts Federation. Our programs are very comprehensive, focus on modern techniques, with effective and safe training.

We invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our school has become the preferred martial arts center in this area.
At Tiger martial arts we offer:

  • qualified & certified Black Belt Instructors for every class on the floor
  • a professional safe & comfortable learning environment
  • a facility and staff that are family oriented & genuinely interested in every student training
  • a Certified Instructor Training program, which also provides a higher Instructor to student ratio in classes
  • a training floor made up of the Ultimate Martial Arts “Swain” mats which provide a superior safe training surface
  • a school with a definitive life skills curriculum for all age groups
  • a structured program for all levels of training
  • a flexible training schedule
  • one on one private lessons available
  • online training for elite members
  • regularly scheduled special events and seminars
  • an open viewing area for families, and friends to watch classes
  • amazing birthday parties
  • a school that is regularly involved in charitable community events
  • an opportunity to be part of the Demo or competition team
  • financial assistance programs
  • membership privileges

With so many choices out there, we invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our school has been chosen more than any other. To view a school comparison checklist click here.


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